Order Models

Other than ordering from this site you are able to order by Fax, telephone, and e-mail. Please use the various order model which you prefer.
Before Ordering
Before ordering, please read the following items
  • Depending on the characteristics and settings of the monitor of the PC or smartphone, “color” may differ. Please note that since the product is represented by a small image, there may be cases where detailed specification are blurred and texture may also differ.
  • We will be sending the product 1~2 working days after the date of your order, if there are stocks. Please be aware, due to weather condition and shipping status, the product may deliver late than expected. If the product is being delivered late, we will be contacting the customer be e-mail.
  • Please understand, even if it is indicated that our shop stock is displayed, it may become out of stock,when order of the items is focused.We will contact each manufacture if stocks are available.
  • If stocks are available at the manufacture we will directly order the product, delivery date will be confirm after the order is confirm(after payment is confirm), it may take up to 10~14 days to deliver. Please note, due to the manufacture circumstance delivery date may delay.
  • Due to long term stock pending product or end of production we might not be able deliver the product. If the product is not available we will be contacting the customer by e-mail.
  • We will update the site, when products specification are changed, but please note that the manufacture may change the design or specification unexpectedly.
  • Some products that are not published on this site might be on service. If there is a product you want to purchase, please contact us by e-mail. We will contact the manufacturer if stocks are available. If the product is available we will contact you back to confirm the price and delivery date. Please contact us freely.
  • To order from this site, please use this site’s order form, telephone, Fax, or e-mail.
    Please agree with our terms of service, please order
  • NOTE:
    Payment are available by bank transfer, postal transfer, cash on delivery, also Credit card. Please read “payment option”, also please note that after payment is confirm we will deliver the product.

(Ordering from our site’s order from, payment are also available by PayPal)

  • When payment is done by cash on delivery, please pay the money to the deliveryman.
  • After we have received an order we will be sending you a bill, when payment is done by bank transfer or postal transfer. After receiving the bill, please pay until one week. When payment is confirm, we will deliver the product.
  • Due to our shop policy, in principle we do not support customers payment changes and order cancels.
  • Please note that the original delivery date might change due to changes in payment and confirming the delivery place.
  • For detailed information about delivery cost, please read “about delivery cost” we might not be able to accept the order, when we are not able to contact the customer, due to incomplete delivery address. When ordering, please fill in the delivery address.
  • If the delivery address have changed please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that changing address after we have send the product is not available.
  • After the product has arrived, please check the order details. We are taking all measure to ensure the product is delivered with its highest quality, but if the product is damaged or malfunction at its shipping stage we will address the problem as so as possible. Also if the Product differ from the customers order.
  • Counting the date of purchase (date of arrival), please contact TeachAce within a week.
    (Email: [email protected] /telephone : 0800-123-6233)
    for more information, please check “Shipping and Returns