• Full set Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit
  • 12 full copper fittings 90°×6 & 180°×6
  • A full copper 240mm radiator
  • ANTILA D5 EVO RBW pump/reservoir with ARGB LED
  • A full Copper FORKIS PRO RBW CPU water block
  • 4×500mm PETG high quality hard tubes
  • 5 port 5V Addressable (Rainbow) & 5 port PWM Control Hub with Remote controller
  • 2 bottles of 500 mml RAIAQUA-T1 Pure Clear premium coolant


Product Name SCYLLA PRO CA240
Product Number 0R10B00215
est. TDP 440W


Q'ty 1 pcs
Dimension [W×D×H] 82×82×16 mm
Screw Threads G 1/4"
Material Full copper block, nickel-plated, Aluminum + PMMA
Weight 495 g [w/o clip]
Power Input 5V/3A [Max.]
RGB header RGB 4pin [Gnd/NA/D/+5V, 2.5 Crimp]
Application - Intel All Socket LGA 17xx / 115x / 1200 / 1366 / 201x / 2066 CPU (Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 / i9 CPU)
Application - AMD All AM5 / AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 CPU


Product Name CALORE ELITE CA240
Q'ty 1 pcs
Dimension [W×D×H] 273×120×27 mm
Flat Tube 12 sets ; 1.5×16 mm
FPI (Fin per inch) 17
Tube row 13
Screw Threads G 1/4"
Port 2
Material Copper
Weight 571 g
Surface Black coated


Product Name ANTILA D5 EVO RBW
Q'ty 1 pcs
Dimension [W×H×D] 80×95×305 mm [with Bracket]
Reservoir Dimension 60×60×220 mm
Material POM + Glass + Aluminum + Steel
Weight 1260 g
Screw Threads G 1/4"
Bearing type Ceramic Bearing
Maximum Head 4 meter
Maximum Discharge 1500 L/H
Maximum Pressure 50 PSI
Life Expectance 50,000 hrs
Noise Level 40 dBA [Max.]
Speed P1 : 1,800 RPM
P2 : 2,500 RPM
P3 : 3,300 RPM
P4 : 4,000 RPM
P5 : 4,800 RPM
Voltage Rating DC12V
Input Current 2.5A ±10%
Connector SATA
2510-3P [NA / NA / Fg ]
Addressable LED 12 LED Rainbow (4pin header, 2510 spec) – Addressable LED
LED Control Method Motherboard control / Remote control (by using Raijintek control hub)
LED Input Connector 4-PIN header (2.5 Crimp)
LED Voltage Rating 5V
Lighting Mode By MB software or 20 Lighting MODE & 7 different static color choices by Raijintek's 5V ADD control hub


Product Name EOS 12 RBW ADD-2
Q'ty 2 pcs
Dimension [W×H×D] 120×120×25 mm
Voltage Rating 12V
Starting Voltage 7 V
Rated Current 0.17A±20%
Power consumption 2.1W±20%
Speed 800~1800 R.P.M.
Bearing Type Hydraulic Bearing
Air Flow 75 CFM [Max.]
Air Pressure 2.3 mmH2O [Max.]
Life Expectance 40,000 hrs
Noise Level 28 dBA [Max.]
Connector 5V ADD Header
PWM 4 pin Header
Weight 260g
Accessories Screw × 8
ARGB-PWM control hub × 1
Remote controller × 1


Copper Fitting 180° Q'ty 6 pcs
Copper Fitting 90° Q'ty 6 pcs
Material Brass
Screw Threads G 1/4"


Product Name RAITUBO-H14
Q'ty 4 pcs
Diameter ID 10mm ; OD 14mm
Material PETG
Length 500 mm
Color Transparent


Product Name RAIAQUA-T1
Q'ty 2 bottles
Volume 500 ml
Main composition Water 95% & Propylene glycol 5%
Anti-freezing temperature -5°C
Color Transparent
  • Manufacturer no.:  0R10B00215
  • EAN番号:471510992384
  • Weight: 571 g
  • image may differ slightly from the original


SCYLLA PRO CA240, Raijintek’s full set Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit. A Top & total premium quality liquid cooling solution for your water cooling systems.

It contains a Full Copper FORKIS PRO RBW CPU water block, a high performing ANTILA D5 EVO RBW ADD pump/reservoir combo, a full copper 240mm radiator, 2 bottles of 500 mml RAIAQUA-T1 Pure Clear premium coolant, 3 high static pressure EOS 12 ADD PWM fans, 12 full copper fittings 90x6 & 180x6, 4x500mm PETG high quality hard tubes, and a 5 port 5V Addressable (Rainbow) & 5 port PWM Control Hub with Remote controller, M/B connecting cable for Synchronization with your M/B or by Remote.

Raijintek deliver the best water-cooling build experience for all enthusiast.



The manufacturer's warranty period is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. Please note that any defects will be determined by the manufacturer.

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Raijintek SCYLLA PRO CA240 - Premium quality hard tube water Cooling Kit

  • Brand: RAIJINTEK
  • Product Code: 0R10B00215
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