The input voltage, current, and frequency requirements for continuous operation are stated below.
Table 1 AC Input Line Requirements
Parameter Min. Nom. Max. Unit
Vin (Full range) 90 100 - 240 264 VACrms
Vin Frequency 47 60 --- 50 63 Hz
Iin(600W) 7.0 --- 3.5 Arms
Power factor correction (PF)>0.90 at full load.
The power supply must meet inrush requirements for any rated AC voltage, during turn on at any phase of AC voltage, during a single cycle AC dropout condition, during repetitive ON/OFF cycling of AC, and over the specified temperature range (Top). The peak inrush current shall be less than the ratings of its critical components (including input fuse, bulk rectifiers, and surge limiting device).

2.1 DC voltage regulation
Parameter Range Min Nom. Max Unit
+3.3V +/-3% +3.20 +3.30 +3.40 Volts
+5V +/-3% +4.85 +5.00 +5.15 Volts
+12V +/-3% +11.64 +12.00 +12.36 Volts
-12V +/-10% -13.20 -12.00 -10.80 Volts
+5VSB +/-5% +4.75 +5.00 +5.25 Volts
1. Voltage tolerance is requied at main connector and S-ATA connector(if used)
2. Output transient response tested DC voltage regulation range +5V,+12V,+3.3V ±5%
2.2 Load ranges
2.2.2 (600 Watts)
Parameter Min (optional) Nom. Max Unit
+3.3V 0 - 25 Amps
+5V 0 - 25 Amps
+12V 0.5 - 50 Amps
-12V 0 - 0.5 Amps
+5VSB 0 - 3 Amps
1.Maximum continuous total DC output power should not exceed 600W.
2.Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3VDC and +5VDC outputs shall not exceed 130W.
3.Maximum combined current for the +12V outputs shall be 50A(600W).
4.When -12V is load to 0.3A , +12V minimum load is 2A.

2.3 Output Ripple
2.3.1 Ripple regulation
Parameter Ripple & Noise Unit
+3.3V 50 mVp-p
+5V 50 mVp-p
+12V 120 mVp-p
-12V 120 mVp-p
+5VSB 50 mVp-p
The ripple voltage of the outputs shall be measured at the pins of the output connector when terminated in the load impedance specified in figure 1. Ripple and noise are measured at the connectors with a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and a 10uF electrolytic capacitor to simulate system loading. Ripple shall be measured under any condition of line voltage, output load, line frequency, operation temperature.

2.4 Overshoot
Any overshoot at turn on or turn off shall be less 10% of the norminal voltage value, all outputs shall be within the regulation limit of section 2.0 before issuing the power good signal of section 5.0.

2.5 Efficiency
The power supply efficiency typical 87% at normal input voltage and meet the ERP2013.

2.6 Remote ON/OFF control
When the logic level "PS-ON" is low, the DC outputs are to be enabled. When the logic level is high or open collector, the DC outputs are to be disabled.
3.1 Over current protection
The power supply shall have current limit to prevent the +3.3V,+5V,and +12V, outputs from exceeding the values shown in the following Table. If the current limits are exceeded the power supply shall shutdown and latch off.
Voltage Over Current Limit (Iout limit)
+12V 53A minimum; 80A maximum
+5V 27A minimum; 50A maximum
+3.3V 27A minimum; 50A maximum

3.2 Over Temperature Protection
The power supply will be protected against over temperature conditions caused by loss of fan cooling or excessive ambient temperature. In an OTP condition the PSU will shutdown. When the power supply temperature drops to within specified limits, the power supply shall restore power automatically. The OTP circuit must have built in hysteresis such that the power supply will not oscillate on and off due to temperature recovering condition.

3.3 Over-power protection
The power supply will be shutdown and latch off when output power within 110~180% of rated DC output. Note: Assurance machine can work at low voltage, full load won't damage machine.

3.4 Under voltage protection.
In an under voltage fault occurs, the supply will latch all DC outputs into a shutdown state when +12V,+5V & +3.3V outputs under 85% of it's maximum value.

3.5 Over voltage protection
The over voltage sense circuitry and reference shall reside in packages that are separate and distinct from the regulator control circuity and reference. No single point fault shall be able to cause a sustained over voltage condition on any or all outputs. The supply shall provide latch-mode over voltage protection as defined in Table.

3.6 Short circuit
An output short circuit is defined as any output impedance of less than 0.1 ohms. The power supply shall shut down and latch off for shorting the +3.3 VDC,+5 VDC,or+12 VDC rails to return or any other rail. Shorts between main output rails and +5VSB shall not cause any damage to the power supply. The power supply shall either shut down and latch off or fold back for shorting the negative rails.+5VSB must be capable of being shorted indefinitely, but when the short is removed, the power supply shall recover automatically or by cycling PS_ON#.The power supply shall be capable of withstanding a continuous short-circuit to the output without damage or overstress to the unit

3.7 No load operation
No damage or hazardous condition should occur with all the DC output connectors disconnected from the load. The power supply may latch into the shutdown state.

Output Characteristic:

Model ENH-2360
Rated power 600W
Size 180 x 100 x 40.5mm
AC input 100-240V / 7.0-3.5A / 60-50HZ
Efficiency (80plus)
Safety CE / UL / CCC / FCC authentication
Temperature range working temperature 0-50 C /-40-70 C Storage temperature
Relatively moderate working temperature 0-50 C /-40-70 C Storage temperature
Relatively moderate 5 to 90%, Non state.
Power factor correction subject- verb form
Protection test Overload protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection, over current protection, over heat protection, short circuit protection
Mean time to failure 100000H
Application Server workstation industrial storage etc.

Output:The maximum output of the +5V&+3.3V is less than 130W

+ 3.3V + 5V + 12V1 + 12V2 - 12V + 5Vsb
25A 25A 50A / 0.5A 3A

Output interface

24Pin 8Pin SATA HERE 6+2Pin 4Pin
One Three Two Five / One

This specification describes the requirements of 600 Watts switching power supply with an stretch ATX form-factor and EPS 12V, +5V standby voltage, remote on/off control, full range line input capability and forced air cooling characteristics.


  • Manufacture: Enhance
  • Model No: ENH-2360
  • Output Wattage: 600W
  • Efficiency: > 80 % Full load
  • Hold-up Time: 16ms Min
  • Fan: 2x 40mm DC Fan
  • Warranty: 3 years

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