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Every water cooling system needs liquid to transport the heat.
With Alphacool Tec Protect Ultra Clear coolant you get a finished mixture that can be used directly from the bottle.
No further additives are necessary as all necessary additives are already included. 

Important additives included
The additives contained in the product ensure that the surface tension of the water is reduced, which minimizes foam formation.
Air bubbles in the loop are also dissolved quickly and their formation is already significantly reduced.
Alphacool Tec Protect also protects against bacteria and algae formation in the loop and it is an ideal lubricant for water cooling pumps.

High-purity osmosis water
Tap water contains many substances that do not belong in a cooling loop:
Lime, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and chlorine, are often found and even deliberately mixed into the tap water in many countries.
All substances that have no place in a cooling circuit and can quickly cause the coolant to spoil, which can lead to fungal growth and heavy deposits in the cooling circuit.
The fine cooling channels of CPU and GPU coolers are especially affected by such deposits and growths very quickly.
While coolers can be disassembled for cleaning, it is almost impossible to completely clean an affected radiator. 

No limitations
Alphacool Tec Protect Ultra Clear is suitable for all materials that are usually integrated into a cooling loop of a water cooling system.
These include materials such as copper, brass, nickel, chrome plating, aluminum, Plexiglas (PMMA), POM, PPS-GF40, PETG, acrylic, PVC and EPDM/PP.
You must still never mix metals that are not compatible with each other. 

With Alphacool Tec Protect Ultra Clear coolant, you get a finished mixture that can be used directly and without further additives.

Technical data:
  • Osmose water: 74,4 %
  • Ethylene Glycol: 25 %
  • Ethylexanic acid: 0,5 %
  • Borax pentahydrate: 0,1 %
  • Boiling point: 105° C
  • Freezing point: - 10°C
  • Color: Clear


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Technical details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
UV - color: Non UV-active
Color: Transparent
Specification: Ready to use
Content: 1000ml
  • Article no.: 1019453
  • Manufacturer no.: 18614
  • EAN: 42501971861481
  • Weight: 1,12 kg
  • image may differ slightly from the original

This coolant is a coolant exclusively for water cooling systems.
Use the coolant only to cool the water cooling system.
Please note that we are not responsible for any malfunction or damage to the equipment when it is used for purposes other than the water cooling system.

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Alphacool Tec Protect Ultra Clear 1000ml

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