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Every water cooling system requires either soft or hard tubing to connect the individual components such as radiators, waterblocks and reservoirs. PVC is usually used for soft tubing it has many fantastic properties that make it easy to work with and it is cheap. However, Alphacool is now bringing a new material from the Alphacool Enterprise Solutions series across to the everyday user. This tubing is called Alphacool AlphaTube TPV and is the choice of tubing for industries.

What is the advantage of TPV?
Compared to PVC hoses, the AlphaTube TPV hoses offer various advantages for water cooling. It is much more resistant to acids and alkalis. It is also much more temperature resistant than PVC tubing. The Alphacool AlphaTube TPV can withstand temperatures up to 155°C. While PVC hoses begin to warp at higher water temperatures. This means areas with tighter bends will warp but the TPV hose remains stable in its shape. This eliminates the risk of kinks in tubing and the restriction of flow.

How is AlphaTube TPV installed?
The Alphacool AlphaTube TPV hose is as easy and simple to install as any other PVC hose. It is slightly stiffer, but only very slightly. Handling the TPV hose is just as simple as any other soft tubing.

Do I need special fittings?
You don’t need special fittings but if you are looking for the most secure fit with the highest grip we recommend our specially adapted Alphacool HF TPV connectors. Since these connections and the hose are from the Alphacool Enterprise Solution series, the connections have been optimized for extremely high tensile strength and are also partially provided with a locking ring. Of course, normal connections can also be used. However, the tensile strength is then lower.

The Alphacool AlphaTube TPV is characterised by its high resistance to acids, bases and external influences. In addition, the hose has an extraordinary longevity that far surpasses that of PVC hoses. The matt black hose also offers a discreet velvet look. An eye-catcher in every water-cooled PC.

Technical data:
Material: Thermoplastic vulcanizates, EPDM/PP
length: 3,3 m
Colour: Matt black
Operating temperature: -50 to + 155°C
Hardness: 35 Shore-A to 50 Shore-D
size: 12,7/7,6 mm


Technical specifications


  • Material: Thermoplastic vulcanizates, EPDM/PP
  • Length: 3,3 m
  • Colour: Matte black
  • Operating temperature: -50 to + 155°C
  • Hardness: 35 Shore-A to 50 Shore-D
  • Size: 12,7/7,6 mm

Technical details

Manufacturer: Alphacool
UV - color: Non UV-active
Color: Transparent
Max. Operating pressure: 4 Bar (at 20°C)
Service temperature: -20°C bis 60°C
Outer diameter: 13mm (1/2")
Inner diameter: 10mm (3/8")
Material: PVC
Length: 1,00m
  • Article no.: 1016779
  • Manufacturer no.: 18605
  • EAN: 4250197186056
  • Weight: 0,2 kg

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Alphacool Schlauch AlphaTube TPV 12,7/7,6 - black matte 3,3m (10ft) retail box

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